Sunday Celebration! The Fine Tuning of Karma, Beyond the Material Realm w/ Ken Kaplan

Apr 28 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Fine Tuning in physics is the observation that many constants in the Universe such as gravity, electromagnetism, atomic particle relations, the strong force and the weak force, and others exist in a state of balance such that any deviation of any of them markedly would not only make life impossible, but the structure of this Universe could neither have developed or be maintained.
It is a compelling argument, one that baffles and perplexes many modern scientists. but what if fine tuning is not limited to physical laws but metaphysical laws as well. Ken Kaplan has looked at reincarnation and karma , particularly in relation to his own life to see more deeply the powerful precision and execution in detail that is involved in the construction of these forces in human life, a fine tuning that goes well beyond physical fine tuning, as elegant as that is. In examining this incredible order, we have the opportunity to reflect  upon the events of our lives and how precisely they have been moulded for our benefit.


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