Our Sacred Prayers

Circle founder, Rev. Hannelore Goodwin wrote/channeled these beautiful prayers that we still use today.

Celebration Opening Prayer

I now ask the innermost center of my being
to release all negativity from the week just passed,
and throughout my life.
I let go of angry feelings and disturbing emotions.
I remove from my mind thoughts of doubt, fear, guilt, and judgment.
I firmly discharge any beliefs of inadequacy, ill health, or scarcity.
Beginning this very moment,
I allow myself to see the world as a possibility of
goodness, peace, and harmony.
I patiently look for good intentions, gentleness, and cooperation.
I find evidence of health, forgiveness, joy, and abundance.
I replace fear with love.
Because I sow strong, vigorous seeds of positive expectations,
carefully water and nourish them by making an optimistic attitude
part of my life,
the Divine Creative Force within me grows a bountiful harvest
from the very seeds I have sown.
And So It Is So!

Celebration Declaration

I am a Free Spiritual Being,
manifested from the Source of all life.
That is my true identity.
No person, place, or thing can hold power over me.
The unlimited wisdom and supply of my Source
is always flowing powerfully within me.
I choose to access this great Intelligence,
and live my life in harmony
with Its gentle, internal guidance.
Freedom is accepting my unique Self.
Freedom is letting go of my judgments,
and allowing others to affect their own destinies.
Freedom is lightheartedness,
and finding abundance everywhere.
Freedom is creating miracles with love, joy, and laughter.
Freedom is knowing that I really am Divine!
And, remembering who I am,
I extend my hand and lovingly ask you to walk with me,
in freedom, harmony, and peace.

Celebration Closing Prayer

Heavenly Creator, Divine Consciousness,
We welcome You into our awareness,
and open ourselves to Your loving guidance.
Awaken our direction in life
to the Universal Will of Your peaceful perfection.
We thank You for the blessings in our lives,
for seeing only our innocence.
Through Your presence in our hearts,
guide us in the light of Your Love,
in co-creation with the Divine Plan.