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Stewards of Circle

Circle of Miracles requires the visionary support of our beloved community. Many of the Circle community are actively engaged in service as a component of their spiritual practice. 

Some of these supporters have enrolled as ‘Stewards’ of Circle.  These are individuals who declare that Circle of Miracles matters to them in a profoundly meaningful way, and who are willing to invest themselves in Circle. 

Stewards declare their commitment to bring their vision, along with their time, gifts, talents, and finances to enable Circle, and all those who attend, to thrive and grow.

When you make this investment and become a Steward, you are officially affiliated with the Circle community and are able to receive the benefits of Stewardship, such as voting for the changing positions of the board and logo design decisions.

Becoming a Circle of Miracles Steward is one way to become a more active part of our community, and to walk in alignment with our mission, vision and values.

If you are interested in becoming a steward, please use the form below.

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