Meet the Directors & Board

Circle Board

Suzanne Baxter

Vice President

Suzanne was drawn into The Circle of Miracles twenty years ago by her partner Vanet when services were held at Hannelore Goodwin’s spirit filled space before it moved to the present location in New Britain. Baxter, as she is referred to, had previously studied Reiki with Beth Gray as had Hannelore. Baxter was drawn to the warm and open welcoming of others on alternative spiritual paths at COM. At that point in time, Baxter was studying Kabbalah which led to her in depth involvement with the Keys of Enoch and the Academy of Future Science.

 After completing graduate school in Minnesota, she had considered life as a Transcendental Meditation teacher with training in Spain, but was guided to pursue her career as a psychologist. This evolved through work with foster children, delinquents, as a school psychologist and several therapeutic modalities to her life’s calling as a private practice psychotherapist. Shortly after moving to Center City Philadelphia, she became involved with the Ecumenical Institute/Institute of Cultural Affairs which offered her an opportunity to be involved with their methodology for community work in India, Kenya and Peru. While working on another advanced degree in film and video, she directed a piece called “A Space Between” about using the spiritual principles in community development while in Peru. This was followed by a promotional video about a Metaphysical retreat center in Iquitos and a piece on Ayahuasca and the potential for psychedelics in psychotherapy which only recently has seen mainstream acceptance. She served as the camera person on a documentary about intentional spiritual communities across the country traveling in a fourseat vintage Cessna.

In the 90’s, Suzanne served in the non-profit sector as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Triangle Interests whose mission was to build a retirement community of like-minded women. To finance their projects a National Credit Union was created giving experience to the demands of working on a board. One of the members of that group reintroduced her to the Course of Miracles held at COM and facilitated by Gayle Dulcey which has expanded her unity consciousness and non-duality deepening. She had originally found ACIM while on a retreat in Findhorn, Scotland in the 70’s.

 Suzanne balances a life of professional service with her love of adventure travel and awakening as a spiritual being. She has opened her heart and time accepting an invitation to join the on-going mission of The Circle of Miracles community expansion.

Michael Shoeman

Member at Large

Michael Shoeman serves as a facilitator helping groups make values-based decisions. Spirituality and finding common ground between spiritual paths have been Michael’s lifelong passion.

Michael is the Lead Animateur for WINfinity Framework advocating for systems change. He is also the Administrator of the Karmic Margin Call Project, a time bank focusing on virtual services for stewards comprised of a small but international contingency. Michael is Secretary and Board Member at the Phoenixville Area Time Bank.

Recently he completed a video report titled “How Time Banking Makes the $1 Quadrillion GDP Possible”. He also released a short film entitled “The 2×2 Effect”. Michael directs and performs in a touring production “The Wizard of Iz” written by Janet Berkowitz. The performance focuses on suicide prevention, bullying, emotional awareness, and exploration of the Spirit.

In his former lives Michael has served as a financial advisor, health counselor, television and theater producer, director, actor, writer, drama teacher and life coach.

He currently lives in Chalfont with his wife Laura, an art therapist, and two children Micah and Elouise.

Rev. Lynda Sands

Member at Large

Throughout her life, Lynda Sands has had many rewarding experiences working with children of all ages in a healing environment, including teaching elementary school for many years. Her Master’s degree is in Instructional Technology which enabled her to teach teachers how to use technology in their classrooms. Lynda is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and teaches Reiki to adults and Magic Hands Reiki to children. She is a certified practitioner of Medicinal Aromatherapy and Angel Alignment.

Lynda continues her love of learning by attending metaphysical classes and is a member of the group Spirituality Collective for Hope, Faith and Charity working to bring healing and education to all. Lynda is also an ordained interfaith minister at Circle of Miracles and also performs sacred ceremonies. There she facilitates Sunday services and hosts a monthly Mystical Women’s Circle to enlighten women. She is also inspired to empowering both children and women to transform themselves in mind, body and soul for their highest good.

Circle Directors

Spiritual Director:  Reverend Susan DeLorenzo

Susan DeLorenzo has been a part of the Circle of Miracles community since her move to Bucks County from WI in 1998. In 2009 she became an ordained COM Interfaith minister. She is also facilitator for COM Sunday services. Prior to this she served on the board as VP. Susan’s dream has been to work collaboratively with a team whose ministry was anchored in love…she found this dream experienced as part of the COM BOD.

In her love for Circle and the community, she has now stepped into the role as Spiritual Director.


Being her authentic self continues to be in the forefront, along with surrendering her beliefs that life should be different than it is…acceptance provides a more peaceful space to live, to be in.

Susan finds that this journey of self awareness, self acceptance, self love, opens a portal for others to join her in this most sacred way of living our best authentic selves…joining in the dance of life we celebrate our uniqueness while realizing we are not separate, we are here together creating miracles.

A little willingness to open up to the truth of our being, provides a softer landing as we navigate this lifetime.

She is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regressionist, Student of the Enneagram, Channeled Vibrational Sound Healer/”Echoes Of Love,” IET, Meditation teacher, and taught CIM at COM Ministry School. Susan has been both a student and teacher of spiritual awareness. Her willingness to see the truth opens a path to self-discovery.

This year she has joined a group of beautiful souls who come together once a week at COM with “A Course of Love” this book facilitates the moving from the head and gut to the Heart…the experience is indefinable, only our hearts know.

Volunteering at Siloam, an HIV/AIDS Ministry in Philadelphia has expanded her heart, and eyes to a deeper way of being, of knowing that…

“Love Allows, Love Heals, Love, Is the Answer”

Melissa La Sala

Program Director

Melissa La Sala has had a profound interest in spirituality for quite some time, officially embarking on her spiritual journey in 2019 through participation in a Circle of Miracles program.

Driven by a deep-seated desire to serve others, Melissa has consistently found fulfillment in her career, particularly in her work with the elderly community. Her role as a Recreational and Activity Assistant allowed her to leverage her creative talents by designing programs tailored to meet the holistic needs of seniors. Additionally, her expertise as a Care Manager in home healthcare enabled her to cultivate nurturing environments for seniors in need, drawing upon her exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Melissa’s passion for health and beauty shines bright. With a background as a former esthetician and licensed cosmetologist, she effortlessly promotes high-quality organic skincare and professional makeup products.

Melissa eagerly anticipates expanding the impact of Circle’s programs, both within the existing community and among prospective members.

Regina Saintours

Social Media Director

Regina Saintours is the CEO of Professional Social Networking Services, a social media marketing firm located in Orlando, FL. In 2010 she earned her degree in Digital & Social Media Marketing and then established her business in 2011.