Meet the Directors & Board

Circle Directors

Rev. Cynthia Greb

Spiritual Director

Cynthia Greb is an ordained interfaith minister, a writer, and an artist.  She has a background in hospice having worked as a chaplain, bereavement counselor, and volunteer coordinator. She authored two books and has several blogs.

Cynthia has been active with three different churches and spiritual communities in both Pennsylvania and New Mexico serving as council member, officiant, volunteer, and speaker. As a young woman she worked for peace. In that capacity, she served on the boards of four different non-profits, co-founding one of them and serving as Field Director for another.

For the past fifteen years Cynthia has lived and traveled out West. During that time she became acquainted with many different spiritual traditions—meeting people from various native tribes, participating in fire ceremonies and pujas at an ashram, singing and praying with a Marian order from Brazil, learning about Afro-Brazilian traditions and Tibetan Buddhism, etc. All of this enriches her own spirituality.

Currently she is on the board of Arrows 4 American Indians which helps support and advocate for Native American communities in various parts of the country. She is also a passionate advocate for our natural world, leading water blessing ceremonies and working to save the birds and pollinators.

She loves deep communion with the Divine—in the realm of Spirit, in our natural world, and in sacred community.

Rachelle Frazao

Program Director

After moving to the USA from France in1992; Rachelle married, moved to Warrington and took a self-hypnosis class. The class was taught by a wonderful woman – Circle founder Rev. Hannelore Goodwin. Rachelle felt a deep connection with Hannelore, who introduced her to Circle Celebrations. Rachelle joined the Celebrations briefly but stopped as the language barrier at the time made it challenging.

After having two children, divorcing, and her niece passing away, Rachelle welcomed her grandnephew to live with her. This was a difficult time for her, which inspired Rachelle to search for deeper meaning and she found herself again drawn to Circle of Miracles.

Two of her greatest loves are for our planet and animals. This love moved her to become a vegetarian 11 years ago, and a vegan for the past three. Rachelle also leads a sustainable life by eliminating single use items – all of which contributes to a more peaceful, meaningful, and spiritual existence.

Her love for nature is evidenced in Forest Bathing and the benefit the forest has to help us heal physically and emotionally. Wishing to share this newfound passion with others, she initiated monthly walks for Circle.

Back in France, Rachelle was blessed to have been an Expo Organizer – a position she loved which enabled her to tap into so many of her talents.  She is excited for this opportunity to bring her expertise and gifts to Circle as Program Director.

“I am committed to bring a diversity of wonderful speakers and workshops for anyone in the community to feel and experience a new part of themselves.”

Jennifer Goodwin

Social Media Director

Jennifer, originally and currently a resident of Connecticut, was first introduced to Circle of Miracles when she began taking Reiki classes from founding director, Hannelore Goodwin, many years ago. (She and Hannelore are not related.) She has remained devoted to COM and is eager to help in any way she can.

Jennifer has a background in both social work and data analysis. As a social worker, she worked in the field of children’s mental health in Philadelphia. She has been working in health analytics for the past twenty years.

In addition to being a regular at Reiki Share and the Love Peace Harmony meditation, Jennifer enjoys genealogy research and dragon boating on the Connecticut River.

Circle Board

Rev. Susan DeLorenzo


Susan DeLorenzo has been a part of the Circle of Miracles community since her move to Bucks County from WI in 1998.  In 2009, she became an ordained COM Interfaith minister. She also facilitates COM Sunday services. Prior to her Presidency, she served as Board VP.  Susan’s dream has been to work collaboratively with a team whose ministry was anchored in love…she has fulfilled her dream with this current BOD.

She is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist, Enneagram, Channeled Vibrational Sound Healer, “Echoes Of Love,” IET, Meditation teacher, and COM Ministry School teacher. Susan has been both a student and teacher of spiritual awareness. Her willingness to see the truth opens a path to self-discovery. Volunteering at Siloam, an HIV/AIDS Ministry in Philadelphia has expanded her heart, and eyes to a deeper way of being, of knowing that… “Love Allows, Love Heals, Love, Is the Answer.”

Lauren Thomas

Vice President

After a life changing event at the age of 32, Lauren became a student of spirituality and metaphysics. She became a practitioner of the Barbara Brennan healing method, “Hands of Light” and volunteered to work with hospice patients.  Relocating from northern NJ after after raising two children and retiring, Lauren joined the Circle of Miracles community in 2014, knowing that finding her new spiritual home at Circle was Divine order.

“It has been my honor and a great privilege to serve on the Board for the past nearly 2 years. I bring to it my 40 years of work experience in corporate business, Interior Design and Project Management, as well as my willingness and an open, loving heart.”

Rev. Susan Tweddale


Sue has been a member of the Circle of Miracles community since 1999, graduated from the Ministry program in 2001 and is also a Reiki Master Teacher. She has 35 years of business management experience, including finances and budgeting.

“Circle of Miracles is my home and deeply embedded in my heart. I feel I can be greater service to the community by helping create a solid financial platform that will carry us into the future.”

Anne Dahl


Anne is relatively new to Doylestown, but found Circle of Miracles shortly after moving here. The variety of subjects/speakers and the beautiful/meaningful prayers were immediately appealing.

Anne worked in various fields including scientific research, and later in the computer field as a systems programmer and project manager. She spent time living in India and appreciates many different aspects of spirituality. She hopes she can help Circle develop into an even more dynamic spiritual home.

Rev. Anette Kroninger

Member at Large

Annette Kroninger retired from her career as a public school elementary ESL and classroom teacher for almost 30 years.  She continues to be a dedicated teacher who loves working with children and adults sharing Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Healing Angels of the Energy Field, Young Living Essential oils/Raindrop Therapy and the healing arts since 1998.  Annette is an ordained interfaith minister from the Circle of Miracles Ministry School in New Britain, Pa, graduating in June 2015. 

Annette now volunteers to Facilitate Sunday Services and is the Committee Chair of the Circle of Miracles Prayer Group.  Prior to the Pandemic, since 2017, Annette had been teaching Mindfulness to preschoolers and has been implementing Mindfulness/Meditation practices in her life.  She is dedicated to empowering all to remember and believe in themselves.

Rev. Elaine Berk

Member at Large

All roads lead home, and Elaine’s circuitous professional, educational and spiritual journey did that in multiple ways. As a marketing/PR professional, turned psychotherapist and then almost sports psychologist, turned K through college educator, Elaine’s continuing education and experience merged with life’s synchronicities. Combined, these provided the expertise and opportunity to launch two companies, K’NEX Education Division and KidSpirit, Inc. a non-profit dedicated to helping children heal from the trauma related to 9/11.

While Elaine had her plans, Spirit had other plans, which put her on a much more dedicated spiritual path.  A lifelong seeker who always strives to make a difference, Elaine is a spiritual travel guide, who practices energy psychology, energy healing, quantum past life therapy, shamanic healing, crystal/light/chakra therapy, among others. She eventually found her way home to this beautiful Circle community where Elaine brings her gifts and passion as board member, facilitator, and COM Ministry school graduate. In her life quest to recall and authentically live her divinity, Elaine endeavors to support others to do the same.