Our History

Once Upon a Time…

Reverend Hannelore Goodwin, the founder of Circle of Miracles, had an emotional, spiritual experience in church at twelve years old, and vowed to dedicate her life to God. She emigrated from war torn Germany to the United States, married, and had children.

She began fulfilling her spiritual promise by becoming an ordained metaphysical minister. Her Reiki Master Teacher Certification enabled her to teach Reiki and hold workshops. This led to her “coming out of the cocoon” and she started Healing Alternatives, the forerunner to Circle of Miracles.

Rev. Hannelore Goodwin

In 1995, she took classes at Landmark Education, one being the Self Expression and Leadership Program (SELP). Each student had to develop and execute a self-sustaining project serving humanity. Some SELP classmates suggested she plan a nondenominational celebration, one that reflected her belief that many doors led to Spirit, with one door being as valid as the next. The idea came to fruition when the first Celebration of Spirit took place in July 1995.

After some convincing from spiritual friends, the date for the first continuous Sunday Celebration was set — Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday, November 26, 1995. The gathering was called Circle of Miracles.

Not one to keep things stagnant, Hannelore was open to an inner directive and inspired to create a Circle of Miracles Ministry School. Her hope was that graduates would create their own ‘Circles’ that reflected their vision of Spirit. In this way, ‘Circles’ would be an ongoing inspiration in communities everywhere. In January1999, Circle of Miracles Ministries was incorporated as a nonprofit Church, and the first Ministry School class was formed.

Reverend Bob Goodwin (Hannelore’s husband) was always very supportive of Hannelore and Circle. He joined the Ministry School and graduated with the class of 2007. He was the first greeter and the Sunday Celebration “Seed” for Circle until July 2014, just weeks before he transitioned.

In 2015, Hannelore transitioned as well, but Circle of Miracles lives on, as do the Circles created by graduates. Hannelore’s dream and her promise to God were fulfilled.

Circle continues to grow and thrive thanks to the inspiration of visionary Reverends Hannelore and Bob Goodwin. Their legacy continues today with heart and spirit, created through their years of love and dedication.

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish can come true”

Six years after stepping into the role as Circle’s Spiritual Director, Reverend Glenda Smith decided it was time to take another step following her heart’s path. Glenda had always dreamed of traveling the national parks and on June 1, 2021, she retired.

When Reverend Hannelore, Circle’s founder, learned of her illness, her co-director Glenda, had already been her right hand person for years.  The community mourned Hannelore’s transition in 2015, none more than Glenda. However, Rev. Glenda stepped in, facing many challenges, and seamlessly led Circle forward through that difficult time and beyond.

Rev. Glenda Smith

Rev Glenda showed herself to be a true spiritual leader, devoting her energy, intelligence, patience and passion to the Mission, Vision and Values of Circle. Her dedication was unwavering and steady during the many changes that have taken place over the past six years, including navigating a global pandemic. Through it all, Glenda calmly worked collaboratively to come up with solutions to carry Circle forward.

Every Tuesday evening, and Wednesday morning, Rev. Glenda offered Reiki Share to the community, as a gift, year after year after year!  And as co-director, Glenda has been an integral part of Circle’s Ministry School for years. We can never thank Reverend Glenda enough for all of the time and love she has poured into the Circle of Miracles community. Her living legacy is appreciated by so many who have been touched and blessed with her gifts and presence. 

We are fortunate that Rev. Glenda will continue to share her loving heart with us all from near and far, while she enjoys her retirement. Our hearts overflow.

“Be kind, have courage and always believe in miracles…”