More Ways to Support Circle of Miracles

Each day the door to spiritual fulfillment opens to us. Life continually presents us with opportunities to be awake, to love, and to serve.

 —Yogacharya O’Brian

Service is the bridge connecting the soul, divine inspiration, and all other beings.   When it comes from love, without expectation, service can become a path of spiritual awakening, and a way to live our fullest life. 

Giving empowers our communities, and these efforts, great and small, create a positive impact and meaningful change.  We are always looking for talented, loving people to help Circle flourish. 

Support Circle by joining us.  Some opportunities include:


Sunday Hospitality Team

Events & Programs Support Team

“Seed” Coordination

Guest Speaker/Spark Coordination

Facilities Care Team




Prayer Circle (click for more info)


Data Entry

Audio-Visual Team

Social Media

Beautification & Landscaping

Outreach Opportunities

Youth Services

Library & Bookshop Team

Newcomer Welcome Team

Please Consider Joining our Prayer Circle Team

Circle lovingly accepts your prayer requests and our Prayer Circle is on the job!   

Join our Prayer Circle and make a difference for those in need!  Prayer volunteers are committed to providing ongoing prayer support for Circle members, their loved ones, and friends.

Each Circle Prayer volunteer prays in his/her own way, adding her own personal spirituality to create a very diverse Circle prayer effort.  Time is spent daily connecting with the Divine, and sending loving energy, holding an intention for the highest good for each of those in need.

We have welcomed miracles and ever-flowing grace. 

To become a part of our Prayer Circle, please reach out to Annette Kroninger at Annetteone@verizon.net or call her at 215-933-8233.

How to Volunteer

Small acts, when multiplied, can transform the world!  We will support you to find the right place in service to match your abilities, interests and talents. We invite you to step into a new way of participating in personal awakening through your meaningful contributions of service to Circle of Miracles.

Please contact: Rachelle Frazao: programdirector4circle@gmail.com, call Circle at 215-534-1699 or write to info@circleofmiracles.org