Community Outreach

The Universe is in constant motion, in an endless give and take, always seeking balance. As a part of this energy balance, Circle of Miracles strives to be of service to the community. 

As a community, Circle members tend to be passionate about giving back.  Even the most simple acts of benevolence and generosity, the ones we think of as ‘random acts of kindness’ or ‘no big deal,’ are actually incredibly important.

Circle reminds us to do our best as we go about our day, to give something to everyone we meet. It could be a smile, a compliment, a hug, or some other simple gesture of kindness.  And in balance, we are reminded to receive with a happy heart.

As a gift to the community, Circle hosts a Course in Miracles, Reiki energy healings, meditations, flower donations, food donations, and more. In doing so, it offers opportunities to members of the community to broaden their horizons and expand their awareness into worlds they might not otherwise have access to.

Here are just a few ways individuals in the Circle Community have been inspired to make a difference!

Circle of Comfort

The Circle of Comfort fosters lasting and meaningful relationships by providing short-term care, compassion and assistance for Circle members and the community in times of crisis or circumstances needing compassionate intervention.

For more information, contact Circle at 215-534-1699 or email

Prayer Request

Can you or someone you know benefit from prayers and healing? Circle lovingly accepts your prayer requests.

Our Prayer Circle is comprised of volunteers who wish to be of service and make a difference for those in need.  Volunteers are committed to providing ongoing prayer support for Circle members, their loved ones, and friends. 

Each Circle Prayer volunteer prays in his/her own way, adding her own personal spirituality to create a very diverse Circle prayer effort.  Time is spent daily connecting with the Divine, and sending loving energy, holding an intention for the highest good for each of those in need. We have welcomed miracles and ever flowing grace. 

To submit a prayer request, please contact Annette Kroninger: 215-933-8233 or or fill out the following form with first and last name of whom we are praying for.  No other information is required.  We will pray for you or for this loved one daily for 30 days, often longer.

Food & Clothing Donations

Circle of Miracles is always looking to make a difference in the lives of others and in the greater community.  Circle regularly collects canned goods and other items and distributes them to those in need. In addition, several times a year, clothing and coats are collected which find their way to area families who can benefit.

The staples are always helpful for our local individuals and families in need, including:  Canned fish and lean meats, peanut and/or other nut butters, healthy canned soups and stews, whole grain breakfast cereals, canned or dried beans, other canned vegetables, pasta and pasta sauce and canned tomatoes, shelf-stable milk, plastic/canned apple sauce, healthy cooking oils, canned or dried fruit, herbs and spices, granola bars, nuts, rice and the like.

Gently used and clean clothing for all seasons, and especially for the cold winter months is always helpful and important.  This can be for adults and children of all ages!  We don’t always see those struggling in our area, but they are there!  Even clean gently used blankets can also make a difference!

Clothing and food donations may be dropped off at Circle of Miracles at 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA.  Please coordinate drop offs with Annette Kroninger: