Ministry School

“To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.”  –Brene Brown  

In 1999, Hannelore Goodwin, Circle of Miracles founder, had a vision – A Church Without Walls. Rather than invest in a building, she envisioned teaching others to do what she did and the Circle of Miracles School of Ministries was born.

More than 20 years later, Circle of Miracles Ministry School is proud and grateful to have ordained 155 individuals. They now make a difference by living their ministries and taking it out into the world. 

Those inspired to enroll in Ministry School often did so for self-inquiry or to study world religions; while others took the training for a specific reason, only to discover unexpected revelations.

Circle ministers share their gifts and training in many different ways. Some have healing practices, some wedding ministries, others have taken their ministries into prisons, retirement communities, nursing homes, and into churches. All bring their authentic selves to their family, friends and colleagues.

At Circle we often say ‘There are Many Ways to the One Truth’ and that ‘All Truth and Wisdom is Already Within You’. 

A Unique Personal Journey of Discovery

The Ministry School at Circle of Miracles was originally created as a response to a need for deeper understanding of different religious faiths. Today the school has broadened and expanded its focus and purpose to include a curriculum that encompasses diverse religious and cultural practices and spiritual paths toward the realization that we are not a separate self, but a unique expression of the Singular Reality one may call God.

To fulfill its purpose, we train students to become non-denominational interfaith ministers who perform rites of passages, such as weddings, birth and adult name-giving ceremonies (baptisms), and funerals. Students are trained to minister to the sick and dying, and to offer spiritual comfort and guidance to those in need.  Practical aspects to support one’s ministry are also offered including public speaking, ethics, legalities, and accounting for ministries. As part of the curriculum, students read spiritual books, do research and writing, offer presentations as well as perform 20 hours of volunteer service. 

The Ministry School continues to evolve keeping it vibrant and relevant. Practices are designed to be brought into different venues to keep up with the fluid and flexible nature of today’s world.  Students learn how to conduct services anywhere: in small and large places, senior citizen facilities, hospitals, prison systems, rehabs, living rooms, and of course, places of worship.

A Reverend-in-Training Experiences a Variety of Ways to Go Within

Students connect with Spirit, and explore who they are and what they truly believe in their heart and soul. The depth and breadth of self-work experienced through ministry school prepares a Reverend-in-Training to be able to minister to others and perform sacred rites and rituals.

The Ministry School program is comprehensive, expansive, and inclusive of a variety of material, perspectives and opportunities. The curriculum incorporates a dynamic classroom structure along with independent study, experiential workshops, religious center visits, and community service outreach.  An in-house practicum offers the opportunity to create and demonstrate a unique and original Sunday Celebration service.    

Our graduated ministers are legally ordained and empowered to create and perform original and unique sacred ceremonies.

It is an important part of Circle of Miracles world-view that each individual has the ability to connect to Source and to support others in doing so as well.