About Circle

Circle of Miracles is an Interspiritual Community

What is Interspiritual?

“While different faiths developed through specific prisms of culture and contexts in space and time, there are universal spiritual principles which are foundational to all of them. Interspirituality is the common ground, where all of the wisdom traditions meet.

Interspirituality is committed to finding the spirituality both within and beyond religion. What ties us together is a shared desire to connect with the Ground of Being in a way that fully respects our differences. The challenge is to embody what is most true and real for us without seeking to convince or convert others.

Our intention is to delve deeply into the perennial interspiritual philosophy of guidance and discernment so that we may become more fully present and capable of clear, compassionate action in the world.”

~ Joan Borsenko

What is Circle of Miracles?

Circle of Miracles is a Community that comes together to share, support, encourage, love, and discover the many interesting ways we can walk each other Home – a place we never really left.

Our name implies Miracles. Indeed, Circle is built on a long string of Miracles! Circumstances that are orchestrated in another dimension and put into being in this one. At first glance, some of these circumstances seemed disastrous or at the least inconvenient, but we know the truth. They are always miraculous. All things, big and small. 

What We Offer

Circle offers opportunities for connection to Self and Source through our Sunday Celebration, weekly events and activities, dynamic workshops, special events, Ordination through our Interfaith Ministry School, Weddings, Memorials, other ceremonies, and so much more!  A few of our other offerings include Reiki share, meditations, A Course in Miracles, and Mystical Women’s Group. We hope you will join us.

Our Mission

A loving community where we nurture and express the unfolding of spirituality in service to the world.

Our Vision

To ignite sparks of vibrant energy that unite the world in peace, love and joy.

Our Values

  • Honors each individual’s unique path to the Divine
  • Explores and practices spirituality through study, prayer and meditation.
  • Acknowledges that we manifest through thoughts, words, and actions; therefore, we are mindful of what we create.
  • Creates Love, Harmony, Peace and Abundance for the highest good of all.
  • Honors everyone with Respect, Generosity and Loving Kindness.
  • Recognizes that no one needs fixing, allowing everyone to affect their own destiny.
  • Serves humanity and our planet by encouraging the use of individual gifts and talents.
  • Acknowledges and respects Mother Earth and the magnificence of all Creation.
  • Celebrates that we are all One.