If Circle of Miracles has made a difference in your life, we’d be thrilled to know!  You’re invited to share what’s in your heart and send in a testimonial. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Suzanne M. Vanet

A circle is complete, whole and infinite.

My experience over these 20+ years is that the Circle of Miracles is a place of peace and harmony were love and friendship are freely expressed. The support of this  community made a difference in the context and quality of my journey.
I loved Hannelore, her vision, her knowledge and mostly the love she shared with me and each of us.

That spirit continues today within the people who embodied the radiance of this light sharing Zoom meetings today!


Circle of Miracles has opened my heart and my mind to experiences that have deepened my spirituality and taught me new ways of thinking about challenges in life.  For me, it is not so much a place of worship, but rather of exploration.  Sunday Celebrations are a time and place for thoughtful reflection and learning, a place where I feel encouraged to decide for myself what makes sense to me in this moment.  I am free to take or leave whatever is presented, or come back to it later when I am ready.  I am grateful for the opportunity to grow with and be a part of this vibrant community.

Rev. Michael Camut

Expansive, Energetic, Engaging!

As I first walked into Circle of Miracles, I knew my trusted inner voice guided me to a community that shared and respected my unique perspective and connection with Spirit, with God, with Omnipresence. We all expand spiritually at our own pace and being part of a community that is able to support and offer guidance is so welcoming. Circle of Miracles is my spiritual home, a community who accepts and loves me for who I am. It is a place where love grows and is a part of each encounter and experience.

With Blessings in Light & Love

Nancy Schmidt

In the 1980’s, a woman friend and I were part of a woman’s group who were exploring spirituality using A Course in Miracles. She had found a church that was called ‘Circle of Miracles’ and thought I might like it. It was held in the home of Hannelore and Bob Goodwin in Bucks County and was non-denominational.

From the moment I met the Goodwin’s and the others who had gathered, I knew and felt this was a church that embraced all my needs. It was inclusive rather than exclusive. I loved the diversity of attendees, the music (which ranged from new age to traditional), the program: which contained group spoken prayers, and best of all, each week there was a speaker who told the story of her or his personal path of spirituality. After that sharing, there was a period of questions and answers between the speaker and congregation. For the first time in my life I felt at ‘home’. People from all walks of life shared their spiritual journey, their being and their love.

I can only add the ‘Circle of Miracles’ has added to my own growth and wisdom as I walk my spiritual path. And I am eternally grateful.

Pricilla Gene W. Shaffer

“I am a free Spiritual Being, manifested from the Source of All Life. This is my true identity…”

This quote from the Circle of Miracles Declaration has played a significant role in my life. One Sunday morning, while saying the Declaration during the service, I felt a heavy mantle of gravity lift from my shoulders. It was a weight of aspects of my religious inheritance that I could no longer carry. I realized I had been taught to worship a description, not essence. For me the words, “Source of All Life”, cradles the Divine Essence. There are no elaborations or people-made embellishments with which to struggle or fight. It fosters oneness of All for it resides within All, no matter what flavor.

Laura Barry

I evaluated several ministry school programs. Circle of Miracles seemed to be the one that could help me in my thirst for deepening my connection with the divine and a desire for greater personal growth. I could not have predicted how the journey would unfold nor the true growth. COM not only quenched my thirst, but also gave me the tools to dig my own well. The experience was profound, the support wonderful, and all I needed was a little willingness!”

Virginia Wagner

COM is a positive, loving safe space. The energy is a tapestry of diversity, acceptance, wisdom and healing. I’ve been part of the community for over 20 years and each week offers the opportunity for learning and expansion. Truly a gift awaiting all to receive!  So much more than a “Sunday Service,” as there is a wealth of spiritual and intellectual talents to absorb.”

Victoria Berends

I came by Circle of Miracles a few years ago to attend a talk with a friend. What I found was a group of welcoming, endlessly inquisitive, open-minded, and like-intended people. They all sought to learn from the experiences of others to better manifest their presence in the world more authentically for themselves and others. I’ve learned so much from this. The talks shared at Circle every week are a beautiful reminder that there’s always more. There are more tangible, psychological, emotional & spiritual ways to navigate this world than that which I’ve directly experienced already. Each person brings forth a piece of their own story, helping me understand and build my own going forward. Their stories help me to see my life, and the lives around me, from many perspectives. Some stories are harder to hear while others are delightful and awe-inspiring. All of them contain a small piece of truth that I needed to hear that day, reminding me how I can be a truer version of myself.

Diane DeSpirto

Circle of Miracles is a kind, peaceful, friendly, loving, and supportive community. The energy and spiritual vibration you feel is beautiful! It’s a wonderful place to grow and bloom!

Lauren Thomas

The day that I walked Into Circle of Miracles, I knew right away that I had found my new spiritual home! How wonderful to be in the loving energy of this sacred space. To be able to learn and explore the universal truths of who we are, without judgment or fixing, is Miracle! Thank you my Circle family for the opportunity to be among you to share to pray and grow while we hold a safe space for each other.

A Little bit of heaven on earth!

Mike Wanner

It is such a supportive community of like-minded people who are so very open to sharing and living and loving all that Creator offers us all. The Joy of Circle of Miracles is palpable and inviting to all who cross the threshold or zoom to our celebrations, workshops, and events. The International Metaphysical Ministry already ordained me before coming to Circle of Miracles Ministry School, and each Institution contributed significantly to the peace within me. Both offered the depth of academic education and a massive expansion of Spiritual alignment, focusing on personal understanding and empowerment. Circle of Miracles offers the vibrancy of personal meetings and workshops that simplify the alignment with the Divine by step by step week by week expansion into the Joy of Aligning with the Divine while having a great time The Circle of Miracles Community is a fantastic group of people who bring unique talents and skills to share for betterment of all.

Edie Weinstein

I walked through the door of Hannelore and Bob Goodwin’s haven in the woods that was the initial location for Circle of Miracles, and felt as if I had come home.  I was invited by Peter Moses, who sensed that I belonged there. That was in 2001 and now, 19 years later, I am certain that I do. The people, the inspiration, the music, the love, and the hugs kept me coming back.

Carol Morotti-Meeker

Circle of Miracles is a group of mostly spiritual or heading in that direction in their way; people who don’t have much dogma and come from Spirit.. I have had some great times there in services and more fun activities which helped to speed me on my journey while touching me in the heart. Many of the people I have met follow what Neil Diamond sang about in “Brother Love’s Salvation Show” – one hand to Spirit and the other out to your fellow human. Isn’t that what sacred community is supposed to be?

Alison Kritzer

You bring such Light to Bucks County!!! So many of us wouldn’t be here without you. We would not – could not – do what we do if not for you. You’ve been a steady, loving presence all these years. Always there, always holding the torch for us. You guide us, encourage us, show us by example. Most importantly, you foster and support us. You come to the expos, host the events & classes, and celebrate with us. You lead with love – smiling, encouraging, guiding. Circle of Miracles – Bucks County, Pennsylvania, The United States, The World and The Universe would all be very different places without you. I’m so glad you’re here!

Annette Kroninger

In 1998 I showed up for a Sunday service/celebration in Wycombe, PA what is now called Circle of Miracles…I felt like I had found my way back to my Spiritual Home and Family which was what I desired my whole life. Today, in New Britain, it continues to help me remember who I am, and feel like I can be the real me when I am at COM. It is my place to reconnect with my spiritual self and other like-minded souls traveling this path together. My life has changed so much from my connection to Circle of Miracles. I am filled with Gratitude for this COM community. I have come to appreciate the synchronicity and connection of all the perfect opportunities that continue to come together to guide me here at Circle of Miracles

Rev. Anne Scull

What I learned at my time with Cirlce…• There is no “other.” • Everything in life is either an act of love or a call for love. • When I experience someone/something in life as irritating, I examine myself to see how that very quality is present in my own thoughts/actions and reflect on how I can grow from the experience. • The greatest prayer is the prayer of gratitude. • I am a unique expression of God. • I “miss the mark” when I believe in separation. • Body awareness leads to Soul awareness. • Chocolate solves all problems. :>) I could go on and on. Thank you, COM!

Marcy McGuire

Fond Memories of Circle: The dedication and creativity of Circle’s leadership and volunteers – thank you all!  I appreciate he inspiring and passionate speakers for Sunday Celebration. Always a welcoming spirit at circle of Miracles.

Nicole Campbell

Truth does not negate the difficulties, as it ought to do. No. It just illuminates the artistry in the energetic tangles you stumble upon. But—together you are strong and strength becomes you. A common cause motivates you to continue down your path. Every act of love is an outreached hand that keeps you balanced. Every step is an act of courage. Every slip is an opportunity to see things in a different light. Together every moment becomes an adventure. Every thought provides the inspiration to build your wings and teach yourself how to fly. This is why we gather. This is why.

Debbra Lupien, Voice of the Akashic Records

It was a great honor to be welcomed into the Circle family as a guest Speaker. The graciousness and generosity of Spirit I experienced at Circle of Miracles was reminiscent of a Divine embrace. Through determination, intention, positive energy, and love, you’ve created an extraordinary community. May you continue as a shining beacon awakening souls for many years to come.

Revy Wanner

My feelings about Circle of Miracles – I love the people and the service. When I first heard “Be Welcome Here,” I fell in love. The song changed so many things for me. The thing I love the most are the three prayers. I think they are life changing, IF you say them every day. Circle gets such fabulous speakers. Services are always a learning process. Thank God for this wonderful place of worship.

Sam Haines

Without Circle of Miracles and the amazing Community that has gathered around its mission, I am sure Wendi and I would have met and these precious friends would be in my life, but a precious hearthstone would be missing from my life. Circle of Miracles will always be a place of warmth, light in the darkness and a piece of home.” …and you can quote me on that!

Rev. Annabella Wood

Circle continues to be a welcoming, healing community. I will never forget how Spirit never let me get too far away by using a homing beacon in the form of a guitar stand. (excerpt from Circle of Miracles 25th Anniversary Book)

Peter Moss

One of the ‘miracles’ of Circle is that, within every gathering of souls there, people seem to receive the exact gifts of clarity and affirmation that are most vital for them. It is a great joy to speak, sing, play, share and listen in the open arms and ears of Circle.

The “future” of Circle is unfolding NOW as every day, the thousands of human beings touched deeply by Circle are spreading the Light of Consciousness to everyone they meet. Of Course, the timing is perfect.

I am Grateful!

Ken Kaplan

“Circle of Miracles is a completely nondenominational spiritual community that radiates love, tolerance, respect and a connection to what would be termed Spirit that is exceptionally strong. Based in a committed fabric of community, and an openness that encourages self discovery of what life and the Spiritual path means for each individual, I have found that one of its most distinguishing factors is the powerful nature of its collective metaphysical maturity and cutting edge understanding of the higher nature of reality that is practically applicable to daily life. Above all, Circle emphasizes love and the profound importance of the Heart. It is a most extraordinary, deeply supportive, ongoing experience that enriches one’s life immeasurably.”

Greg Campisi, Founder of AWAKEN Center for Human Evolution

“I grew up Catholic, and when I began my true spiritual journey at age 30, it had been over a decade since I went to a church service that wasn’t for a wedding, funeral, or holiday. I wasn’t sure where my beliefs were heading. I was looking for something new and different—an open, loving “church” accepting of all paths. I found that home, along with a new soul family, at Circle of Miracles. It is a place to express who I really am, fully, without judgment and always being loved in return. It’s a miracle in itself.”

If Circle of Miracles has made a difference in your life, we’d be thrilled to know!  You’re invited to share what’s in your heart and send in a testimonial. Please fill out the form below. We will review your testimonial before it is submitted on our page. Thank you!

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