Workshops & Special Events

Circle of Miracles hosts a variety of classes, workshops, and special events, and all are invited!

We offer opportunities that empower you to enjoy and create the life you want!

Come hear celebrity guest speakers as well as our wonderful local presenters and musicians. Classes range from Energy Healing, Psychic Development, A Course in Miracles as well as those which explore the Metaphysical realm.

Workshops and special events include Oneness Festivals, Reader/Healer Fairs, Nights of Energy Healing, Channeling & Psychic Immersion, Meditations, Drum Circles, Kirtan, Creative Artwork, Self-discovery, Personal Growth, Equinox/Solstice Celebrations, Fire Circles, and much more!

Also, we invite you to join in the fun at our holiday themed get togethers. Explore our calendar to find links to all our special events and workshops supporting your spiritual journey!

Upcoming Special Events

 Meditation, Healing & Enlightenment with Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MAPT

Every 3rd or 4th Friday monthly from 7 – 9 PM EST

February 18, 2022
7:00 PM-9:00 PM

The Shift!

As we awaken more and more to the exquisite, Divine energies, integration is a necessary aspect. The energies have helped us shift to Zero point vibration, allowing Fear to lift and be transmuted and transformed into White light. FEAR is now ‘Face Everything And Rise’. Each moment that we arise from the fear, a shift in vibrational consciousness occurs. Our long-awaited destiny has emerged, as we evolve from homosapiens to homoluminous beings.

Join Rev. Sharon Cristofalo on this journey of Ascension, as we explore The Shift to Heaven on Earth, with ease, grace, peace and love of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

Sharon will discuss numerology, bring insights in the wisdom corner and lead you into a deep meditation. When in meditation, she will align your chakras and aura, raise your vibration, expand the Christed Energy within, integrate and activate a personalized symbol for healing and incorporate intuitive ascension techniques. Another powerful evening awaits!

Limit 12 people. Register in advance three days prior to each monthly event.

For February 18, register in advance by February 15.

$30.00 check to: Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, 18901

or $32.00 Credit card/ Pay Pal with Donate button on website.

Zoom connection will be sent to those registered: email register with

Friday evening, February 18, 2022.     7 pm to approximately 9 pm.


Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, a Physical Therapist and an exceptional, evolutionary multidimensional energy healer. She intuitively incorporates many high vibrational healing modalities into one integrated technique called “Sacred Brilliance”. Each person who leaves a Sacred Brilliance session or meditation, has been amazed and energized with the profound, deep healing experience.

Sharon has been blessed with the gifts of: The Christed Energy, a magnificent modality of unconditional love and deep peace emanating through her from the Divine; and new downloads of wisdom and techniques for enhancing your being for Ascension.       215-920-9453

Zoom connection will be sent to those who registered. Pay Here

If you have difficulty paying online, contact Rachelle Frazao, Program Director.


with Revs Annette & Lynda

2nd & 4th Sundays; 3 – 4 PM EST.  Currently on Zoom. 

Note: Open/rolling admission from February – July 2022


We are so excited to offer a unique and fun opportunity for children ages 8 to 11 years old to meet other children interested in exploring and sharing mindfulness, intuitive and metaphysical topics starting in January 2022.   This interactive program will be a combination of Zoom and in person sessions and will be limited to a small class size.

The foundation of the program will be self-awareness, self-love and trusting our inner voice. Our first series of classes will introduce Energy Tools, Tapping Exercises, Crystals and Breathing Meditations.

Classes will be taught by Reverend Annette Kroninger and Reverend Lynda Sands both experienced Elementary School Teachers, Magic Hands Reiki and Mindfulness Teachers for children and both graduates of Circle of Miracles Ministry School.



Annette Kroninger taught elementary ESL and elementary grades for 30 years.   She taught Mindfulness to Preschoolers and their teachers from 2017 to 2019. Annette teaches Magic Hands, (Reiki for Children) and helped to rewrite the Magic Hands Reiki Manual and Program. She also teaches Reiki Master Teachers how to teach Magic Hands to children and helped create and design the Reiki Master Teacher Program.

She is a dedicated, creative and enthusiastic teacher who loves working with children and adults sharing Reiki, Mindfulness, the Healing Arts, Spirituality and Meditation.  She enjoys being a part of their spiritual growth.  Her Energy Work is dedicated to empowering all to remember and believe in themselves and enjoy participating together in a supportive learning community.

Annette is an ordained interfaith minister from the Circle of Miracles Ministry School in New Britain, PA., graduating in June 2015.  She is a Spiritual Coach and facilitates Weddings, Funerals and Life Ceremonies.


As a retired elementary school teacher, Lynda Sands has had many rewarding experiences working with children of all ages in a healing environment including creating and teaching spiritual and metaphysical classes for children. Lynda also co-created and teaches Magic Hands Reiki for Children. She believes ALL children are intuitive and trusts this universal energy will help them to center and become more balanced. She is dedicated to empowering children to transform themselves in mind, body and soul for their highest good.

Lynda graduated as an ordained interfaith minister from Circle of Miracles in New Britain, PA in June 2015 and performs sacred ceremonies as well as facilitating Sunday Services.


For any questions about the program, please email Annette Kroninger at and Lynda Sands at


The cost for this ongoing Program is $20 for each series of 2 classes beginning in February 2022 and running though July 2022. 

Classes are offered the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  And there is open/rolling enrollment.

Zoom connection will be sent to those who registered. Pay Here

If you have difficulty paying online, contact Rachelle Frazao, Program Director.