Ministry School Curriculum

Divine Studies



Sacred Conversation: Listening and Speaking

Divine Communication

Emotional Integrity


Energy and Synergy

Science and Spirituality

Sacred Geometry

Body Healing and Awareness

Ministerial Skills



Death, Dying, and Grief

Forgiveness and Grace

Religious Studies





African cultural and religious traditions

Native American/ Indigenous People





New Thought/New Age

South American cultural and religious traditions

Independent Study


Philosophical Studies

Cultivating & Integrating Spiritual Connections

Developing personal practices consistent with Divine connection

Meditation & Prayer

 Explore and experience a variety of modalities


 A healing journey through experiences to discover the   truest self

Course Curriculum Insights

World Spirituality: Many Ways to One Truth

There are many spiritual paths that lead us back to the Source where we are all One. We will explore the most influential belief systems to create understanding and foster peace.

Spiritual Mindfulness / Meditation

We will discuss and learn centering prayer, focusing techniques, and a variety of meditation modalities. Silence, as a means of listening to our higher selves, plays an imortant part.

The Power of Prayer

Through discussion and experiential exercises, we’ll explore our own unique prayer style while learning about healing, gratitude, affirmations, and intercessory prayer.

Transformational Power of Ritual

Rituals help us to focus on the deeper mysteries of major life passages, as well as our everyday lives. They can lead to the development of liberation providing freedom, power, and trnaformation. The basics of Ritual will be explained while exploring its greater mysteries.

Public Speaking with Ease and Grace

There is so much power in the spoken work! This class offers an easy formula to powerfully start, deliver, and end a talk. We’ll touch on speaking with intention, planning, organizing, and preparation of our presentations, annd how to feel comfortable and confident in front of an audience. Once we have acquired the knack of saying a few words effectively, it can make a real difference in our life!

Byron Katie’s The Work: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

The Work is a radical and simple process of self-education that has been introduced to hundreds of thousands of people in over thirty countries around the world.

Spiritual Guidance/Sacred Listening

Effective listening builds trust and strengthens relationships. In this course we will have the opportunity to develop our communication skills and learn ways to help people become open to exploring their issues. Emphasis will be on listening with the heart while assisting others to discover “their truth” and connect with “their knowing.”

Rights of Passage: Ministerial Skills

Major life passages are impacted by ritual. In the following three courses, these rites are thoroughly addressed so you will be able to create truly unique, unforgettable ceremonies.

Rights of Passage: Weddings / Sacred Unions

This is an exciting hands-on class exploring the rituals and ceremonies surrounding Weddings and Sacred Unions. It prepares you to perform ceremonies that meet the personal needs of those involved. Included is information about legalities, scripts, planning details, and sensitive and emotional topics.

Rights of Passage: Baby Naming/Welcoming/Blessing: Adult Naming and Other Blessings

A Namegivign Ceremony has long been the joyful rite we use to welcome a child into a loving circle of family and friends. You will also learn ways to adapt this ceremony so it can be expanded to formalize and celebrate the name change of an adult. You could then also create a naming ceremony for a pet, other loved ones, and even material items, such as a home.

Rights of Passage: Funerals / Memorials

Ministers are frequently called upon to officiate at Funerals and Memorials. You will have the expertise and freedom to compose meaningful and appropriate rituals that honor and celebrate the life of the deceased.

Science and Spirituality: Access to the Divine

The concepts of Metaphysics and Quantum Physics live in the core of science and the heart of the soul: the seen and the unseen, the physical and the spiritual, matter and energy, man/woman and God, ancient wisdom and new science. We’ll examine how we create our own reality and how we can create with awareness. 

Professionalism and Ethics

Ministerial Professionalism reviews and discusses what may be expected of a minister. This class addresses ethics and morality. As ministers, we are called to serve. We will explore how this servicng aligns with our standards of integrity and then create a personal Code of Ethics. Tools are provided to help gauge our motivation and support living within our Code of Ethics.

Ethics and Integrity

Through inquiry and self-exploration, you are able to uncover and reconnect with the core you. With specially designed exercises, you can peel away layers that no longer serve your highest good. By knowing and operating within your standards of integrity, you can align your intentions with passions and live in integrity.