I came by Circle of Miracles a few years ago to attend a talk with a friend. What I found was a group of welcoming, endlessly inquisitive, open-minded, and like-intended people. They all sought to learn from the experiences of others to better manifest their presence in the world more authentically for themselves and others. I’ve learned so much from this. The talks shared at Circle every week are a beautiful reminder that there’s always more. There are more tangible, psychological, emotional & spiritual ways to navigate this world than that which I’ve directly experienced already. Each person brings forth a piece of their own story, helping me understand and build my own going forward. Their stories help me to see my life, and the lives around me, from many perspectives. Some stories are harder to hear while others are delightful and awe-inspiring. All of them contain a small piece of truth that I needed to hear that day, reminding me how I can be a truer version of myself.