In the 1980’s, a woman friend and I were part of a woman’s group who were exploring spirituality using A Course in Miracles. She had found a church that was called ‘Circle of Miracles’ and thought I might like it. It was held in the home of Hannelore and Bob Goodwin in Bucks County and was non-denominational.

From the moment I met the Goodwin’s and the others who had gathered, I knew and felt this was a church that embraced all my needs. It was inclusive rather than exclusive. I loved the diversity of attendees, the music (which ranged from new age to traditional), the program: which contained group spoken prayers, and best of all, each week there was a speaker who told the story of her or his personal path of spirituality. After that sharing, there was a period of questions and answers between the speaker and congregation. For the first time in my life I felt at ‘home’. People from all walks of life shared their spiritual journey, their being and their love.

I can only add the ‘Circle of Miracles’ has added to my own growth and wisdom as I walk my spiritual path. And I am eternally grateful.