The Invitation! COM Networking Conversation. You’re Invited…

Aug 04 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Conversation 3:  The Invitation.

facilitated by Mike Shoeman

Thursday, August 4;  7 – 9 PM @ Circle of Miracles – ZOOM ONLY

What does “Interspirituality” mean to you?

You are cordially invited to the third in an ongoing discussion series. We invite you to explore acting as co-author of the next chapter in the Circle of Miracles story.

As the landscapes of technology, politics, commerce and education continue to change we ask the question: What role does spirituality play in the emerging cultural narrative?

The questions we will explore during the Invitation Conversation include:

  • *  What will it take to manifest the highest outcome you are envisioning?
  • *  What experience would you like to invite the group to partake in?
  • *  What qualities of a relationship allow you to feel honored, respected, playful, and expansive?


These conversations will not feature lectures. Rather, we seek to facilitate space for deeper collaboration aligning intentions, actions, and creations.

Michael Shoeman, Board Member of Circle of Miracles and Director of The Karmic Margin Call Project, will facilitate this event. Members of our Meetup Group are invited to explore collaborative relationship within the Circle of Miracles community.

Event is on Zoom Only; please go to the website at and register for the class to receive the zoom link information. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in this event! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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