Sunday Celebration! Aligned Life with Ula Pasternak

Jul 09 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

When our body, mind, heart, and soul are in alignment, we are able to achieve our goals at an accelerated rate, arrive at chosen destinations more safely, and create/manifest results with more ease and grace. This path has offered me a chance to achieve this alignment as I received ancient lineage knowledge, wisdom, tools, and access to divine power. I know who and what I am, why I am here, and where I go after this life. Each of us is an eternal and galactic Being of Light on a journey of discovery and mastery. Thanks to the teachings, technology of Activations and Initiations, I could better understand and experience the art and science of being a powerful divine human. It helped me better navigate the duality and density of this realm. I am grateful I can train as a Healer and a Warrior because they are part of my mission in service to humanity and this world, I can now make it more fun and get better results.

I received a spiritual map, a good “compass” and a “GPS” to help me use my holy vehicle – the Light Body. I can better use my Free Will to learn, train, and serve this world with courage and confidence.  My life has more joy, passion, beauty, peace, and alignment with my purpose. Sharing this path with others gives me true fulfillment. While challenges are unavoidable, the training I have received has undoubtedly made them easier to work through and learn from. I am much more patient, compassionate, and grateful. With better guidance and more power, I can maintain good health, create more wealth and happiness. It would truly be an honor to help you raise your awareness, heal, find your alignment, create more miracles and true fulfillment in life. This path helps with all that. Join us!

Lucyna “Ula” Pasternak is a Guide, Healer, Shaman, Qabbalist with the Modern Mystery School, and an LMT. She has studied, practiced, and taught about the body, mind, soul, and spirit health for the last 41 years in the US and internationally. She grew up in Poland in a family of holistic healers and farmers. She was curious, always ready to explore, deeply connected to nature, elements, and elemental beings. She had the freedom to embrace many forms of healing and spirituality.  After moving to the US she continued to exercise that freedom, choosing to study and teach languages, massage, holistic healing modalities, and various esoteric spiritual traditions.

She found her spiritual home and a global family in the lineage of King Salomon that the Modern Mystery School shares with the world. She now uses her training and life skills to help heal those who are ready, able, and willing to know themselves as powerful divine humans. Her passion is to assist others in healing deeply, and train to lead by example how to create more joy, peace, beauty, passion, and purpose in life, in order to establish more peace in the world. She shares effective healing modalities, teaches internationally, and is a frequent guest on radio shows to inspire and guide others to heal and choose to be empowered. She can be reached at 610 850-3310,, or

Lucyna “Ula” Pasternak

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