Sunday Celebration! The World of The Unseen with Troy Gregory aka Wisetruth

Jan 14 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Troy Gregory is a man who was homeless for 15 years and now dedicates his life to bringing the everyday man and woman’s story to fruition. Troy will speak about his understanding of spirituality, what he has learned through his resilience and perseverance throughout his time being homeless, his understanding of the higher power that governs the positive energy of the universe, and the importance of bringing the common man and woman’s story to life.

Troy Gregory was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Queens, New York. He was emancipated from his family at 13 years old which in turn introduced him to homelessness where he remained homeless for 15 years off and on. During the time Tory was homeless, he discovered that you could find some of the brightest minds in the darkest parts of the world. Minds that were not only knowledgeable about the ways of the world, but also understood the importance of nurturing one’s spirit. While he was homeless, he began noticing what would be unnoticeable to most whether it stemmed from willful ignorance or ignorance itself, which was the spiritual aspect of the world we live in. Troy’s ability to see what can take place in the future and the spirit a person possesses within started to develop in his 5th or 6th year of being homeless.

What guided Troy during those times and what continues to guide him is the understanding that there is a force out there that is greater than myself that governs the positive energy of the universe. Reflecting on those years Troy thinks one of the most impactful struggles he has had to overcome was choosing to live off-grid versus indulging in the matrix. He had an opportunity to disconnect from society, but chose to stay within it, in hopes of bringing positive change to the world. The way he has chosen to introduce positive change to the world is through journalism.

Troy sees journalism as storytelling with a purpose. He is the owner of a platform named HVMAN pronounced (human). HVMAN is a multimedia platform that encourages people to find truth in another person’s perspective, bringing people together one culture at a time, forming a global community. HVMAN focuses on one-on-one interviews that capture the person’s life story where they answer thought-provoking questions, allowing them to be transparent, giving them space to be themselves.HVMAN [Campfire Sessions] addresses events taking place in the global community, giving people from around the world a voice where they can share their perspectives and expertise on different subject matters. His talk will provoke thoughtful conversation and provide resources that people can use in their everyday lives. In the end, Troy has learned everyone has a story, the important part is how we tell that story and the impact we have on others in the future that lies ahead. How will you preserve the essence of humanity?

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