Sunday Celebration! Ever Present Awareness of Spirit with Stephen Kavalkovich

Nov 20 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am

You’re Invited to Sunday Celebration!

Description of Talk

I will share How the trail of “spirit” breadcrumbs throughout my present lifetime has been clearly  woven and connected from the beginning. It will certainly help you too begin to connect the dots in your own life to see how every experience, person, and circumstance has all been connected in a unique and seemingly impossible way.


Owl Grey Fire (Stephen Kavalkovich) Is a shaman and founder of Ancient Healing Pathways. He has been a member of the local community since childhood. In addition to his shamanic practice he has worn many hats in his lifetime. Some of these include being a former paramedic and 9/11 rescue worker, current member of the Evesham Township Planning Board, and community based services provider for Rutgers UBHC. Owl has been studying, researching, and practicing his spiritual and healing work since he was a teenager, gaining his Reiki 1 and 2 attunment in 1998 by Elsie Kerns, his Reiki Master a few years ago, and having  studied under many internationally respected teachers. He used a unique blend of Shamanic practices from around the globe including South America, Native America, Nepal, Tibet, India. He typically scheduled sessions in person or remotely via zoom to assess their situation, and find what type of modalities would be utilized best to bring forth change, transformation, and healing to include Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Divination, Sound Bath; and many more. Each session is uniquely tailored for the individual being served. Owl is a well respected expert in the realms of spirituality, mental health and recovery for many in the local and international community. In a January 2022 feature article on the Philadelphia Inquire Owl was quoted as saying,”Right now we’re in a place where everything is being challenged and people are seeking out things that are not the “norm.” “We are in a great awakening period.”

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