Sunday Celebration: Dissolving Head Trash to Gain Freedom with Sam Shelley (HeadTrash Baba)

Jul 17 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!

Join us for Sunday Celebration! 
Dissolving Head Trash to Gain Freedom with Sam Shelley (HeadTrash Baba)


What if you could dissolve the head trash that’s got you feeling like a mess? You are more than the sum of your parts. Head trash is anything that blocks your connection to Self(Perfect Spirit). And we all have head trash! I was a very sick, disabled man for 38 years. I was run over by a van at age 6 and later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, bipolar, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, migraines, PTSD, and generalized anxiety disorder. I was very stressed out with a head full of garbage!

I read that meditation can bring inner peace—I needed that! I had no idea that I could heal all my ailments. But then I discovered something: if I wasn’t my thoughts, who am I? And today… Well, today I’m just happy to be alive without any health issues, disabilities, cane, or medicine. My doctors cannot explain it to me. This is not about doing anything or having any kind of special technique. It’s about dissolving head trash without doing this or that—all this doing adds more head trash! It’s a non-dual approach to healing.


Sam (HT Baba) is the miracle man and founder of Head Trash Anonymous.   Ever since I was a boy, I’ve had to deal with my share of health problems. I was run over by a van when I was six years old and suffered from several different conditions for most of my life. But then something happened: I healed myself.  I found a way to dissolve the head trash that was keeping me stuck in a cycle of anxiety, depression, and chronic illness, and now I’m here to help you do the same!

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