Sunday Celebration! Soul’s Divine Activation with Poonam Kaur

Feb 25 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Soul’s spiritual ascension and activation – karmic entanglements and releases, negative and positive contracts, ancestral karmic release and vibrational healing. I am blessed to be the conduit for spirit to help others in their journey.

I am a medium, spiritual counselor & guide, holistic and Ayurvedic practitioner, and a teacher. I am honored to touch the lives of many people, assisting them through emotional struggles, blockages, depression, and trauma rooted in both past and present life experiences. My goal is to help them find their deeper connection to their higher self and their soul mission, illuminating their path to spiritual and personal fulfillment, inner peace, and balance.

Zoom Link for Sunday Celebration:
Meeting ID: 816 6107 0026
Passcode: 626150
+16465588656 US (New York)