Sunday Celebration: The True Home that Has Never Left Us!

Jan 30 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!
Join us for Sunday Celebration! 
The True Home that Has Never Left Us!
with Peter Moses!

Our ‘Original Face’, Unity Consciousness, Essential Nature, The Eternal, The Peace That Surpasses All Understanding. To the thinking mind, all this is a mystery. The words seem to mean something unattainable or from a distant past or future. However, when we take a deep breath and look closely at our own human experience, we can find plenty of evidence that our Divine Nature is abiding and ever-present! Join Peter in turning around together to witness the Truth within us that is changeless.

Peter Moses is co-director of The Mindful Experience, an educational organization for children, teachers and parents. He has facilitated stress management and mindfulness programs for many years. Peter is also a singer-songwriter, having produced ten original music collections and three audiobooks for children. He is a happy father of six and grandfather of three! Peter is also a friend of Circle of Miracles for 25 years

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