Sunday Celebration! with Pat and Halsey Snow

Feb 05 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

You’re Invited to Sunday Celebration! with Patricia Marston-Snow and  Halsey W. Snow

Patricia Marston-Snow & Halsey W. Snow

Title: The Energies of 2023 and Your Next Evolutionary Step

2023 will be an intense year of change and a great challenge to many. You are being asked – on the soul level as well as through your personality-ego – to acknowledge your creatorship of your experience, and the different forms of denial-illusion with which you play. As we look into the mirrors around us – from the closest family and friends to the larger scale of public events, national leaders and governments – what do we see?  And how do you get below the level of story – in the mind – to the real reflection for Self?  Paying attention to what you are doing with your mind is a very important step in the unfolding of your consciousness and your next evolutionary step.

Patricia Marston-Snow (Eleyakeha) is a conscious channel for Vywamus.  She was trained by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and Janet McClure as a Vywamus channel at the time of Vywamus’ appearance within the consciousness of humanity in 1985.  Pat has channeled Vywamus extensively, focusing on areas of denial within all levels of the Multi-dimensional Self. In co-creation with Pat, Vywamus has developed specific gap-closing work in the emotional body to support the rebirth of the Goddess/Spirit within humanity. Pat is internationally known and respected for the depth, clarity, and compassion of her channeling.  Halsey W. Snow (Acktarian) is a healer, counselor, and channel for Vywamus, and has also channeled several other Ascended Masters.  On the soul and monadic levels he is known as Hasana Acktarian Solekat.  He is an initiated MariEL energy healer and is academically trained in developmental psychology and counseling.  Through his union with Vywamus and Pat, he is anchoring the energy of the divine masculine into the male population of the planet.  Halsey is the founder, with Pat and Vywamus, of The Vywamus Foundation.


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