Harmonize Your Earth Star and Root Chakras w/Anna Swansun (Live In Person)

Jun 15 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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If you wish to come into complete alignment with your Highest Self, you must only do two things: to let go of what isn’t you and to allow in Harmony/Love/Divine. In this workshop, you will learn how to harmonize your Earth Star and Root chakras.

Connect with Archangels and Mother Gaia to receive energetic blessings to feel peace and harmony

Use Divine Decree to release blockages in these chakras and re-establish them with high frequencies

Create sacred space within yourself to be a temple of your Divine Self

Potent and poetic meditations, channeled messages, light language songs, and Archangel invocations that dissolve the fears, traumas, and distrust embedded in the Earth Star and Root chakras that keep you from feeling grounded. You will receive the energetic support to spiritually re-parent by and build a new energetic foundation of peace, trust, and love to bring these bedrock energetic centers into harmony so you can move from overwhelm into stability, move from 3D to 5D, merge with your Highest Self, and be a shining example for your kids, spouse, friends, and community.  (Included: Take home a copy of Anna’s book Earth Star & Root: Grounding the New Earth with Peace, Trust & Love to continue the spiritual practices with poetry, art, channeled messages, and Divine Decrees).

*Dress comfortably.

**Doors close at 10:05 am so please be on time.

*****No show attendee fees are not refundable.

About Anna Swansun

Hello! I am Anna Swansun, an intuitive creator, channeler, energy healer, spiritual guide, and author.

Now, before I begin sharing what it is I can do to help you, I would like to ask, what is it you are seeking? Your heart knows what you are truly longing for, and in this answer, you find a question. If you ask—how do I find this (the answer your heart gave)?—you will come to the reason you stumbled upon this introduction. Because you find what you are seeking when you go within and discover who you truly are. When you know this, you know every answer. When you know this, you have found the reason you are here, on Earth at this time.

I am here to help you on this journey, one guide among many in your lifetime that will assist you to peel back layers of anything that is not you. When you find what you are, underneath it all, you discover how truly magnificent you are. Find out more on my YouTube Channel @annaswansun.

So many Blessings to you!


Location: Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, Pa 18901

Give yourself some extra time if you have not been to this address before.

Note: Entrance to Circle of Miracles is the 2nd driveway of the property on Beulah Road. When you turn into the driveway, please go around to the parking lot area that is at the rear of the building. The entrance door is on the lower level of the building.