Back Heart Chakra Cleaning with Mike Wanner (Zoom Only)

Jun 24 2024
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

 The front heart chakra allows us the ability to share ourselves with the world. The back heart chakra provides our ability to receive. Think of the heart chakra as having two spiral cones, one extending out in front and one out from the back.  The one that extends forward from the center of your heart sends your love message to the world. The one that extends out from the center of the chest backward contains all our personal relational histories and unfortunately, it sometimes collects energies that we experienced that were not beneficial.

Cleaning it can bring peace and allow energy to pass through it to nurture it, the Physical Heart, and the Front Heart Chakra as Divinely designed.

REGISTRATION FEE:  $25 (To benefit Circle of Miracles)

Once you pay for your ticket you can get the Zoom link by contacting Mike Wanner using the following information: or (215)266-2437