Sunday Celebration: On Curiosity and Generous Listening with Mike Shoeman

Feb 06 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!

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On Curiosity and Generous Listening
with Mike Shoeman

On Generous Listening and Curiosity

A 30-year veteran of the stage, Michael recounts the advice from his drama professor about what it takes to bring authenticity to a story:

“98% of acting is just listening. That’s it. That is the big secret. Very simple, but far from easy.”

Life rarely gives into our egoic demands. Rather it responds to the deep questions we hold in our hearts. All of our questions are answered through cultivating the art of generous listening.

A Course in Miracles describes the deep discernment between Grandeur (of spiritual awareness) and grandiosity (of the ego.) What if perception between
Grandeur and grandiosity depended upon curiosity? Is curiosity a mindfulness about the questions that drive us?

Michael Shoeman will reflect on the spiritual insights learned as an actor and how those insights have helped him transition into his more recent role as father.

Michael Shoeman has played many roles in life: Father, husband, steward, coach, acting teacher, self-taught economist. His focus is on discovering the spiritual values that drive people over defining others by their roles, positions, and representations.

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