Sunday Celebration! with Mike Shoeman – Why The Arts Matter

Apr 30 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Mike will be recounting the over two-year journey about his self-made film “2×2”. The real life  themes of spirituality, mental health, and homelessness will be included in his talk.

The synopsis of the film reads:

“The year is 2009. A homeless man wakes up from a recurring dream.

He dreams of interacting with his future self. The two explore how the critical mind often kills ideas before having a chance to emerge.

Two years into his homelessness he finds a mobile phone in his pocket. It is technology from ten years in the future.

Upon taking the call, the man discovers a knowledge about how to end poverty and war on the planet. He attempts to instruct his future self from the year 2021 – an actor making a homemade film who has no recollection that he is following a script. Together they create universes, explore the future, and ask deeper questions such as ‘What is liberation of the human spirit?’

The film serves a primer to the 2×2 Algorithm and a creative introduction to regenerative economics. 2×2 was produced on no budget with only time banking volunteer hours.”

Mike Shoeman serves as Lead Facilitator for the WINFinity Framework, an initiative dedicated to group coherence. He serves on several nonprofit boards, chairing development committees, dedicated to power alignment, spirituality, and the time banking movement. Michael is a seasoned drama teacher, life coach, and personal trainer with over 30 years experience.

Mike serves on the Circle of Miracles Board of Directors where he chairs the Development Committee.

Mike Shoeman

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