Sunday Celebration: Strengthening Our Divine Connection with Rev Michael Camut

Jun 19 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!

Join us for Sunday Celebration! 
Strengthening Connection with Divine Source: A Here-and-Now Approach with Rev Michael Camut

Description:  Strengthening our connection with the Divine Source is a true path of inward soul discovery. The outcome is amazing. Learn about Michael’s journey and interesting techniques during the talk that will offer an allowance to take those necessary steps for channeling energy for the highest heart centered good of all. Spirit is asking for everyone to be “present” during this talk by listening and remembering with heart centered and grounded intentions.

Bio:  Michael’s journey to the “knowing” has been a lifelong endeavor and is getting some real momentum recently. Expansion of the knowing, the love, the energy, does take understanding and knowledge of oneself as a baseline. As a student in life, Michael’s archetypes were the main drivers of being an energy channeler for messages, healing, and medium communication. It’s all the same, connection with oneself is a connection with Source. Michael is a Reiki Master – Teacher, is energetically connected with the Arcturians, has performed a deep dive within and emerged as a minister through the guidance of Circle of Miracles School of Divine Ministries program, is a co-Spiritual Director for Circle of Miracles, and is in a constant state of expansion. He welcomes all to be part of his journey.

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