Sunday Celebration! The Alchemy Of The Ascension Journey with Michele Bunting

Jan 08 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

You’re Invited to Sunday Celebration!

The Alchemy Of The Ascension Journey with Michele Bunting


For most of us, our separation from our Authentic Self occurred when we assimilated fears, pains, false beliefs, and traumas in our childhood – and we continued to create and experience these childhood triggers throughout our emergence into adulthood.

As more and more of humanity is ‘waking up’ to the universal laws of unconditional love, the desire to release the sorrows of the Ego Self and reconnect and align with the awareness of our Soul Self is reverberating through the planet at an exponentially explosive rate of speed.  The human race is waking up to the truths of living lives of love, joy, passion, and becoming.

Understanding the awakening path and what happens in our Mind, Body, Soul complex during our transformations brings a loving comprehension of the sacred and divine in the attainment of the Mastery of Self. Because understanding the multidimensional self is directly correlated to the ability to Master the Self, Michelle will share the revelations received throughout her awakening journey, and the trials that created choice points of vibrational intersections leading to the releasements of attachments, judgments, and fear. Join us for this powerful conversation about the Ascension Journey where we learn that embracing and loving the shadowed parts of ourselves moves us into alignment with our Soul Self – and Source Energy itself.


Also known as The Consciousness Cultivator, Michelle offers techniques and information received during her awakening journey and places them in service to others.  Spiritual intuition development training, sound frequency transformations, and transformational coaching services are available in group or individual settings to propel soul understandings of authentic living within the rich textures of love, joy, clarity, passion, and adventure.  For more information, visit

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