Sunday Celebration! Hilarion’s Creator Star with Leslie Ramos

Oct 16 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am

You’re Invited to Sunday Celebration!

Hilarian’s Creators Star with Leslie Ramos


It is time to get unstuck! It is time to get unhurt! It is time to get unbeaten! -from our individual and collective distortions. Leslie will discuss Hilarion’s Creator Star, a powerful tool that promotes the etheric healing that humanity needs right now.  The physical body is but a cloak, meant to be undone at the end of this incarnation, yet so much energy is focused on the physical healing.  It is time for humanity to embrace its responsibility for the mental and emotional healing we have come here to achieve.


Leslie Ana Ramos is a Spiritual instructor, Shamanic healer, Channeler and Medium.  She serves through light and with love in the practice of mediating communications with the spirit realm.  She currently offers classes, guidance, and shamanic healing services through the Spirituality Collective of Hope Faith Charity in Hatboro, PA.

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