Sunday Celebration! Beyond the “Blistering”: Who is the Script\writer? with Ken Kaplan

Sep 24 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

The spiritual path is a paradox. On one hand it takes enormous effort, intention and attention from the conscious mind ( egoic self) to travel. But on another level this conscious mind is not the “doer”, the scriptwriter of  life and events, although there are times when choice  is important. Ken will explore through important events in his own life of  how in reality we do not “do things”. It might be suggested that a better perspective is “things happen to us.”

Although there is an understanding that we, as our own higherSelf ordain many of these events and circumstances, this presentation is meant to deal with the ego’s perception as “doer” so we might remember a little more clearly, if necessary, what is truly going on.


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