Sunday Celebration: Archetypal Love is Sturdy Love:with Kathy Milano

May 15 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!

Join us for Sunday Celebration! 

Archetypal Love is Sturdy Love: The Practical Benefit of Engaging the Sacred Feminine with Kathy Milano


There is a subtle mystery to the Way of the Feminine which calls to all people and benefits humanity. At a time of deep unrest and imbalance within the world, the invitation to awaken the Sacred Feminine way of being is a strong evolutionary impulse. Kathy will explore the Archetypal Presence of the Feminine as a means to experience direct relationship, teaching, and embodiment. The practical engagement of these Mothers requires no intermediary as you receive deep nourishment, assistance in living in balance, and energetic enhancements to your light structure. Engaging and embodying these Sacred Feminine invites a Way that is inclusive, flexible, nourishing, and strongly instructive.


Kathy is an intuitive, teacher, psychologist, and artist. Specializing in energy psychology, treating trauma, and supporting women on their spiritual journey, Kathy offers therapy, classes, healing sessions, and retreats online and at Soul Sanctuary in Moorestown, NJ. Her teaching and mentoring weaves direct teaching from the mystical wisdom, Sacred Feminine Archetypes, Angelic Presence, and Andean Energy Medicine. Explore Kathy’s offerings at

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