Sunday Celebration! The Journey Into THE DIVINE PRESENCE with Hazel Ross

Oct 09 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am

You’re Invited to Sunday Celebration! 

The Journey Into THE DIVINE PRESENCE with Hazel Ross


I will share my inner journey experiences  which are out of body experiences in which I travel into the dimension of LIGHT and experience the DIVINE PRESENCE and end with a guided meditation into the dimension of LIGHT.


I grew up in a traditional Christian home and when I was young I asked GOD to use me to help.But as I got older I had many questions because I couldn’t believe GOD would destroy so many of his children so I began to study other religions. I discovered that many people believe in a supreme being. I continued to research US to get to the truth  but after the Vietnam War started I began to doubt GODS existence. One night I told GOD angrily that I no longer believed he existed and that I wanted to see his face. Later after going to bed I saw a bright light flash at me 3 times. My husband said he’d seen it as a child too. A few nights later after reading a book showing the Tibetian Tatwas which are geometrical configurations that are said to be doors, I saw one floating to me so I opened it and saw 12 beings of light seated at tables. As I continued my research my out of body experiences became journeys into the dimension of light and  the DIVINE PRESENCE and love. After some 40 years of research I wrote a book called THE BOOK OF LIGHT A GLIMPSE INTO ETERNITY BY H ROSS. We are designed to do this and everyone can do it with a little practice. We each carry within us our own  portal to our inner universe. The book is an opening. In the book I share the easy safe technique I use and reiki attunements, white light protection, how to create a Chi Ball and charge food and water. I also have created groups on Facebook where I share information as well as the link for the book. I am a registered minister and a Reiki Grandmaster.

Hazel offers a link to her FB page and recent video

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