Sunday Celebration! Increasing Psychic Abilities with Dr. Jana Mallis

May 21 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Dr. Jana will discuss how to gain more abilities.  She will talk about how to connect to the other side and connect to your loved ones. She will share her story of abilities that came to her at a young age. She has a shamanistic approach to handwriting analysis, and healing. She can review remote healing and how to gain past life memories.

Dr. Jana is a practicing  psychologist who resides in Cheltenham. She has had mystical gifts from an early age and would like to share them.  She tends to be very generous and feels that people should not walk out of any event without getting something  that will really help them . She has the ability to connect with loved ones who pass. She can connect people to past lives to learn from that. She practices a healing modality that was given to her in another lifetime. At an early age she heard the message “Never be afraid to give too much”. She believes in love and service to all.


Dr. Jana Mallis

Zoom Link for Sunday Celebration:
Meeting ID: 816 6107 0026
Passcode: 626150
+16465588656 US (New York)