Sunday Celebration! Surfing the Cosmic Wave of Transformation with Debbra Lupien

Nov 26 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

From unconscious and filled with fear, to divine messenger. My journey to becoming the Voice of the Akashic Records. In a time when it feels the world has gone mad, the angels are blanketing us with messages of love and support. They want you to know you’ve got this, and they’ve got your back. There’s great hope for the future as the Lightworkers of the World surf the cosmic wave of transformation to fulfill the Prophecy of Earthtopia.

Debbra Lupien is a Spiritual Teacher, Author and Voice of the Akashic Records. Her book, “The Path to Hearing Angels and Guides: 21-Days of Meditation,” is a brilliant course, designed by Archangel Metatron to help YOU open your Akashic Records and hear your angels (and guides). Your team is always speaking to you. Now, with Metatron’s help, and a little practice, you’ll learn to hear them and enjoy regular two-way dialog. You can find all of Debbra’s books on Visit her YouTube channel for inspirational messages and spiritual lessons from Metatron, along with many divine downloaded meditations.

Zoom Link for Sunday Celebration:
Meeting ID: 816 6107 0026
Passcode: 626150
+16465588656 US (New York)