Sunday Celebration! Sacred Geometry Applied to Energy Therapy & Bits of Wisdom from 40 years in Energy Therapy with Dr. Cynthia Hutchison

Feb 11 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am

I’m challenging myself to describe in 20 minutes my 40 year journey in the healing arts! What have I learned about body-mind-spirit healing in energy therapy, spiritual health and sacred geometry? To gain the most benefit from this presentation, I invite you to watch 2 free videos from my website to give you an introduction to sacred geometry, which will include important IMAGES that will assist you in visualizing what I will be sharing.

A 5 minute overview of the Sacred Geometry Applied to Energy Course and a 77 minute Introduction to Sacred Geometry videos are both found on:

My journey in the healing arts launched in 1982 after leaving 6 years of mainstream psychiatric nursing, and has been a rich, adventurous and powerful path since then. The spiritual aspects of body-mind-spirit health and healing have always taken precedence for me, because, at our core, we are spiritual beings. My background in psychotherapy, research, nursing, energy therapy (including trauma release); sacred geometry, Anthroposophy, forty years of being an adult educator in holistic healing,15 years as the leader of Healing Touch Program, and world travel has provided life experiences and life lessons which I hope to convey to you in a personal and meaningful way. I have met thousands of striving, heart-centered students and practitioners over the years who sought to be instruments of healing for others. I hope to share a few bits of acquired wisdom that might be interesting and encouraging for you in your life.


Zoom Link for Sunday Celebration:
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