Sunday Celebration! All Souls Day: Guiding Spirits Home with Cynthia Greb

Oct 29 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

The last time Cynthia was scheduled to talk, she was unexpectedly guided to change the topic that very morning. However, the original talk still yearns to be shared, and today is the day. If “All Souls Day” is a day to pray for the souls of deceased loved ones, then this is surely an appropriate time to share the message. During the last six years, Cynthia has felt compelled to go to places where there has been great sorrow in order to offer prayers for those who suffered there. More specifically, she does “psychopomp” work, which means guiding lost souls home. Her focus has largely been Native Americans who were massacred, often in atrocious ways, but she also has visited Indian boarding schools and Japanese American internment camps. Come hear a few of the more interesting stories which helped to educate her and fine-tune the work.

Rev. Cynthia Greb has been growing into her purpose these last five years or so. In addition to advocating for the Earth and all her plants and creatures, she has felt a strong connection with indigenous people. Last year she embarked on a journey around the U.S., visiting ancient earth mounds and sacred sites, as well as offering prayers where they felt needed. She yearns to see greater interest in working with Native Americans to address their current challenges and concerns, as well as a commitment to begin healing all the wrongs that were done on our continent.

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