Sunday Celebration! Heeding the Signs Provided by Spirit with Cindy Parsons

Jan 28 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am

A discussion regarding recognizing the messages sent by Spirit. Then, paying attention to the gentle nudges rather than waiting to receive a more insistent message from Spirit. This talk is about learning to trust your intuition. I will discuss my path to becoming an energy practitioner by following the guidance provided by the universe.

Cindy Parsons is a Holistic RN with over 40 years experience as a hospital-based nurse and an Energy Medicine Practitioner with over 10 years experience. Cindy began her formal education as an energy medicine practitioner with Healing Touch; becoming certified as a practitioner, mentor and instructor. Cindy continued to advance her knowledge about energy healing through advanced energy classes offered through Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS). She has continued to attend classes of different energy healing modalities and grown into an experienced energy medicine practitioner. Cindy has attained the acronym SEM, Specialist in Energy Medicine through Energy Medicine Specialists, as well as HTCP/I, and she is an EFT practitioner, Laughter Yoga coach, and utilizes all these into her practice. In 2022, Cindy purchased Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS) education program and is lead instructor for EMS which offers foundational and advanced energy medicine coursework to people wanting to learn about energy medicine for personal self-care, to become a practitioner, and to advance one’s knowledge to become an experienced practitioner.


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