Sunday Celebration! Source Touch and The Mother Within with Cherie Lyon

May 14 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

How the Divine Mother innately influences my sensory healing work with humans, horses and other animals.

In support of humans, horses and other animals, I weave together my  professional background in the somatic arts (Rolfing, movement and body exploration), metaphysical (Akashic Records and Source Lightwork), and Tantra (physical world as spiritual). I draw from a particular inner connection to the quality of nurturing through the Divine Mother (Amma and Mother Earth, Gaia), both whose embrace is the foundation of healing on this planet.

I create fun, healing embodiment practices that engage our senses individually or in partnership with others (other people, pets, nature and even food). They are our basis for connection and how we feel in the world and enable us to become more attuned to Source, the spark of Light and Life within all of us. This creative consciousness is our inner spring of wellness, wholeness, fluidity, connection and life. It nourishes, nurtures, heals, loves, and guides. Source Touch is an active, dynamic way to touch and be touched in all ways.

The name of the practice is Source Touch Evolutionary Healing.

Cherie Lyon

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