Sunday Celebration! Awareness, Messages & Expansion with Rev. Sharon Cristofalo

Apr 02 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Rev. Sharon Cristofalo is excited to return to Circle of Miracles as the Spark and reflect on her spiritual journey with new awareness and key insights. Emerging from the cave of inner reflection, she is ready to share her inspiration, love and light of the Divine once again.  She will share her channeling experience for a visionary message from JFK regarding the direction for light workers and humanity for the Golden Age.  Rev. Sharon will enhance the expansion of your inner light during the meditation.

 Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT is a divinely connected channel, multidimensional energy specialist, lightworker, interfaith minister and physical therapist.

Her Earth plane and Cosmic background includes:
Reiki Master/Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Advanced Practitioner, One Brain Consultant Facilitator, Arcturian level 4 Practitioner, Shamanism, Light Language; and a Teacher of classes on Sacred Geometry, Reiki, Creating Bliss, and beyond. Her divinely given gift of: “The Christ Energy”  leaves you with unconditional love and deep peace vibrating from higher realms through her in a unique and powerful way.Rev. Sharon has created her Sacred Brilliance technique to identify and raise your vibration in all your energy fields, using a combination of 10 plus intuitive energy techniques for clearings with information from beyond the veil, to enhance all aspects of your spiritual journey.  She incorporates newly received Ascension downloads and ways for integrating new energies coming to the planet.Her wonderful blend of abilities has helped clients improve symptoms, remove obstacles from their energy fields, undo stress, gain new insight, feel better, lighter and more peaceful. Clients are renewed, revitalized, and rejuvenated with Divine blessings in personal sessions, meditations and teachings.

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