Sunday Celebration! Using the light to heal yourself and others! Antoinette Fiumos with Zequiel

Aug 06 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Zequiel, who is a very loving 9th dimensional Andromedan being  comes to us here on Earth to help us learn that we are the light. Light is love and love is God/All That Is. He teaches us to use the light via our chakra system to heal ourselves and others. He is delighted to come to Circle of Miracles to share a Chakra Healing Technology  and to share about his mission.

I’ve been a Course in Miracles student since 2009, and a Taoist Acupuncturist  since 1993. After much chaos and a long mind clarification process, Zequiel, came to me while I was sitting in a dark and quiet space. He brought his loving voice and compassionate heart to all of my encounters , eventually coming through me as a channel. He loves being with humans individually and in groups to help us realize our birthright: our magnificence.

Antoinette Fiumos


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