Sunday Celebration: It’s Attention as Much as Intention with Rev Annabella Wood

Sep 04 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!

Join us for Sunday Celebration!

It’s Attention as Much as Intention with Rev Annabella Wood


We have all heard and read about how important our intention is, and it is important. Our attention is often overlooked and may be even more important to our life’s experience. A Course in Miracles states that we will find what we are looking for. Jesus said the same thing. Do you want to live in the Age of Enlightenment, but are having difficulty finding it on Earth right now? Perhaps your attention will help you find that experience.

Join Annabella, freshly returned from a light workers’ collective at Mount Shasta as she describes how Attention created the trip of a lifetime for her and her light worker companions.


Annabella Wood is an ordained Circle of Miracles minister, a Delegate of the Resonance Science Foundation in Unified Physics and a longtime student of A Course in Miracles and The Work of Byron Katie. She has been to Egypt, Peru and other high energy vortexes of Earth, and now Mount Shasta. She speaks at various New Thought venues and brings a fresh perspective to familiar ideas.

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