Sunday Celebration! Divine Transmission: Deepening into Your Sacred Heart with Elohi Magdalena Rosa

Oct 15 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Elohi will channel a divine transmission woven by the sacred energies of many beings of light to help participants deepen into their sacred heart, the center and portal to the Source, Soul, Spirit within. Through a symphony of music, sound, light language, song, and spoken word she will guide participants into a sacred, mult-dimensional container and journey.

Elohi Magdalena Rosa (a.k.a., Anümani), intuitive healer, transchannel, and voice alchemist is a sought-after spiritual teacher and transformational leader who channels powerful activations, delivers talks, and workshops that empower heart-centered leaders, entrepreneurs, changemakers, creatives, healers, and messengers to unleash their Soul’s genius and show up in the world as their most brilliant and authentic self.Elohi is a bridge to the Soul and vessel for many ascended beings and deities (angelic, galactic, and earthly) that channel healing sounds, light language, and activations that work on the cellular level to bring forth healing, awakening, and evolution. She also is a high priestess of Isis and the Rose lineage, and an activator of the Christ consciousness and the divine mysteries of the sacred heart.

Elohi is the international best-selling author of Unmasking Your Soul: A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing and a contributing author to EIPPY award-winning book Pebbles in the Pond (Wave 4). Anümani is the forthcoming author of Unmasking Your Soul: Activating the Divine Mysteries of the Sacred Heart. She is also the creator of the Wisdom of the Soul Oracle and a variety of energy and light encoded Soul art.

Elohi Magdalena Rosa
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