Sunday Celebration! Spiritual Blasphemy ~A Miracle (Who Was That Masked Woman?!) ~ and The Collective with Elaine Berk

Nov 12 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

The past 3 years (and the better part of a lifetime) I’ve spent empowering me exactly as I am, and exactly as I AM. I’ve ceased to rely on “healing” tools, modalities and practices, of trying to fix or change myself. I’ve stopped turning to mediums to inform me of what is happening or what will happen. By looking outward and relying on these tools, I found I was dis-empowering myself. And, as a lifelong spiritual seeker with a Spiritual Ego, and as a “healer” (practitioner), I was creating more separation and I was doing a disservice to others by allowing them to disempower themselves.

Today, I know I am perfect in my divinity AND all my messy humanity just as it is. And in the presence of that perfection, all healing and all things are possible. The resulting profound and miraculous shift that I experienced in recent events as a result of living in presence leaves me in jaw dropping awe, asking myself ‘Who was that masked woman?!” And the most phenomenal part… bearing witness to so many experiencing the same miraculous shifts all in their own unique ways. What an incredible gift and miracle to spend so much time in peace, love and presence despite the chaos and challenges mounting in our personal lives and in the world around us. And in that lies the answer.

My current bio reads: I AM. But, if you are curious as to what got me here… Over the past 50 years of my spiritual and professional journey, I’ve collected a lot of tools, titles and letters before and after my name,. And there are a lot of things that I can do that I’m really incredibly gifted at…but that is not what is being called forth in this moment.. Human and spiritual ego would have me list the things I have done: psychotherapist, college educator, Reverend, founder of the non-profit KidSpirit, founder of the educational division for K’NEX, marketing/PR person, writer/editor, shamanic practitioner, quantum past life therapist, Reiki/Pranic Healing/Energy Psychology/IET practitioner, multi-sensory sound/frequency healing practitioner, former member of the C.O.M. Board, Spiritual Travel Guide with Connecting Journeys, and the list goes on….


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