Sunday Celebration! Writing with the Wind with Nicole Campbell

Mar 03 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Sacred writings aren’t just texts from antiquity, they are any text that is received or informed by sacred sources. In this time of mass enlightenment and awakening, sacred texts are constantly being written in common notebooks or documents of everyday people living ordinary lives. Nicole will talk about how her personal practice of communing with sacred energies through the written word has evolved and blessed her life. She will also discuss some of the key elements involved in creating a sacred space on the page and the process she uses to receive sacred texts from various energies. In the end, she will invite you to create your own sacred spaces and to write your own sacred texts that can bless your life.

Nicole is an unapologetic Sagittarius who loves to explore the spiritual world in many different ways. From a young age, Nicole interacted with many different energies and beings of light. When attuned to reiki two in her twenties, her third eye opened and helped her to confirm her intuitive gifts to herself. Since that time, Nicole’s journey has been one of ever expanding growth, healing, and learning. Nicole is certified in both Usui and Angelic Reiki. She studies Kabbalah and considers herself a student of the angels. Nicole is also a writer who has always felt more comfortable with the written word than any other form of communication. The ability to speak in public with relative ease is something she attributes in part to Circle Of Miracles.


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