Sunday Celebration! Sacred Journey 101: Being Guided to Where You Need to Be with Cynthia Greb

Mar 24 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Having just returned from a three-week-long sacred journey, Cynthia will share an aspect that continues to be in evidence during all of the pilgrimages and sacred journeys that she’s been on for the past seven years. Namely, what kind of magic happens when we listen to our inner promptings? And what happens when we are too left-brained? Does Spirit intervene? For instance, why was she feeling so compelled to camp in a certain mountain range in Montana, and what mystical experience happened there? And why did she unexpectedly decide to turn onto an extremely remote road through a California forest instead of heading on a more well-traveled road to the small city where she had consciously planned to go? And how did a rainstorm in Florida and Priceline join forces to get her to stay somewhere other than where she intended? What happened when she let go of control and left-brained thinking and found herself somewhere “just right.” The list could go on. There are so many examples of these kinds of stories. There are many opportunities for intuition, serendipity, synchronicity, and letting go when in the midst of sacred travel. Mystical experiences, past life memories, important learnings and other juicy things can result when we listen and let go

Cynthia Greb is an interfaith minister who divides her time between Bucks County, PA and the many places she feels compelled to travel. Her primary passions are her love for this Earth, her interest in sacred sites and the Sacred Journey, and being an ally and advocate for Native Americans. In recent years she has been visiting impressive pre-Columbian sites and sharing what she has learned. She also continues to have a ministry offering prayers at places of great sorrow. For more information, please visit her website

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