Sunday Celebration! The Universe is Listening with Dana Smith

Apr 07 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am

How I learned to work within the parameters of the Universal laws. I want to share how I changed the outcome of my situation by changing my focus and giving my intention to a more desirable outcome.

About Dana Smith

I am a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner /Spiritual Coach and a Certified Infinite Possibility Trainer.

I grew up Baptist and was baptized in 1998. That was the beginning of my journey from the God I thought I knew to the God that I now know is living and dwelling within me. As a child I was truly afraid of death, dying and living in sin. According to the traditional teaching & interpretation of scripture I could never do anything to be good enough.  But I gravitated to the 4 Gospels; the teachings of Jesus the Christ.  Jesus the Christ was a metaphysician; He recognized his oneness with Source (God).  He understood Universal Laws & principles and knew how to work in alignment with them.  He said “the things I do you can do also. And greater works will you do.”  And that is what I build my life upon.  I am a member of a Spiritual Center, I read books, attended workshops, classes and spiritual retreats to help me walk on purpose of the calling of my soul.

I started my studies as a spiritual practitioner in 1996 under the late Dr. Stuart Grayson@ the Lincoln Center in NY. I attended several spiritual retreats and life visioning workshops with Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith.

I obtained my license as a Spiritual Practitioner in 2018 under the direction of Rev. Margaret Palagye Spiritual Director of Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center.

I have facilitated Infinite Possibility Classes & workshops and a 7 week The Science of Getting Rich class on zoom during the pandemic in 2020. I did my first talk at Circle of Miracles in person 2021.

I am married to Kenneth J Smith and we reside in NJ.

I enjoy manifesting the life that I desire to live by putting my thoughts, imagination & intention through the test of deliverance.  Nothing pleases me more than to share this principle with everyone my voice can reach.


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