Sunday Celebration! Each one already said “YES”! with Margaret Claire

Apr 14 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Dear Friends, Each one is a part of the Universal Wholeness already present. We carry the Highest Vibrations ever on the planet as we co-create the New Earth. What does that mean for each of us? What is our purpose? As we are facing many different challenges, how do we maintain our peace and joy in the midst of what is such chaos in the world? Each one holds their own answers as we open to the next aspect of living each day. During this time of Awakening, each one on the planet already said “YES” to BE present here on Earth. We are having experiences we choose for our soul path of releasing the old beliefs, judgements and stories of separation. We can no longer play small, pretend or hide our purpose, we must claim our Sovereignty and Power in balance. Do you realize that in your power you are sustaining the highest vibration for change? Are you aware of claiming your Power, in the NOW moment, the uncertainty? What is the vibration when you choose the decision for Joy, Faith, Trust and Peace as we live in our changing physicality? Are you aware that each one is sustaining the outreaching Fifth Dimensional waves of healing Peace by Being in the NOW moment? We claim our Sovereignty and Power, our Tone that sets us Free.


I began this part of my journey in the early 1990’s, I met my teacher Diane, who informed me I could channel. I followed her directions and I felt a peace and sense of coming home. Over these last 30 years, my development is the unlearning of what I believed and allowing myself to be guided along an unknown road ever since. I have channeled, The Mothers, since the beginning and have channeled all Beings of the highest vibrations and All Dimensions, Realms, Planets etc. As the vibrations increase for this time of transformation, my channeling connections have increased to match the expansion. I was introduced to Vibrational Heart Toning, using your own voice to uplift our vibration, about 2 years after joining my teacher. Since then, I have had many different kinds of trust experiences with change. I have used Light Language, often called Speaking in Tongues, became a Dragon, and experienced many Vibrational connections as we expanded. I believe I am a messenger guide to assist any call to experience channeling through me to understand more of who they already are. We combine our energies to create a third energy for expansion, co-creating a Trinity. I also do a monthly Zoom group session, and give private and group sessions in person and on Zoom.


Zoom Link for Sunday Celebration:
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