Sunday Celebration! Transformation with Flower Essences with Jennifer Hendler

Apr 21 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Flower Essences are a powerful mind, body, spirit healing modality that is easy to access and incorporate into your daily life. In this talk I’ll be sharing the uses and benefits of working with Flower Essences for your healing, transformation, and expansion. I’ll have Flower Essence blends with me so everyone who is in person will have the opportunity to experience the Flower Essences first hand.


Jennifer is the founder of Claiming My Voice, a Holistic Psychotherapy practice that specializes in helping Creative, Spiritual people break free from stifling their voice to reach their full potential. For 25 years Jennifer has been making it safe for individuals and groups to trust themselves, communicate authentically, and bring their gifts to the world. Jennifer works with motivated, visionary souls of service who feel like they have to self-sacrifice to achieve their dreams. She helps them Claim Their Voices so they never have to lose themselves again to belong and succeed. And she teaches them how to build conscious, evolutionary relationships that lead to deeper connection and a more peaceful planet. 8 years ago Jennifer created the Sisterhood Circle Program. In this program women leaders get to the root of what’s holding them back from Claiming Their Voices in their relationships and careers. In the sacred container of Sisterhood, they are empowered to become Exceptional Communicators, create Soul-Satisfying relationships, and bring their Highest Vision to the World.


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