Sunday Celebration! Healing the fragmented soul – Creating miracles with the living light of Creation w/ Lynda Bianchini

Jun 16 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Every one of us has parts of ourselves that are disembodied from our human consciousness due to different experiences whether we experienced it in this lifetime or it is soul wounding we carried over into this life. These contracts and fragmented pieces need to be integrated into the human awareness for a regulated nervous system & embodiment of the higher self for a direct connection with Holy Mother Father God Christ Sophia & the living light of Creation to heal, seal & protect our light bodies from dark attack & entity attachments.

About Lynda Bianchini

Lynda Bianchini is a Shamanic Priestess, Multidimensional Healer & Oracle of the Rose that has been a devotee of the Priestess Path & in service to Hieros Gamos, The Sacred Marriage & reunification of masculine & feminine energies of the Holy Mother Father God. She is currently a student of Annabel du Boulay founder of the Avalon Rose Chapel & the Avalon Rose Priestess Training & will be an accredited Avalon Rose Priestess in 2025.

Zoom Link for Sunday Celebration:
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