Sunday Celebration! Your Truly Wonderful Spiritual Freedom w/ Peter Moses

Jul 14 2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am
*Spiritual Freedom* We have all tasted it! What is the nature of this beautiful freedom? Freedom from What? In our Circle time together, we will explore and know from what we feel liberated. We will share what it feels like for you and me — and we will understand what it is to live it always!

About Peter Moses
Peter Moses has been grateful to be a part of the Circle family for many moons. He is a father of six, a singer-songwriter and educator. Peter directs The Mindful Experience and loves enriching the lives of children and adults with mindfulness education. Just as it is with you, the Universe enjoys being this Peter guy.

Zoom Link for Sunday Celebration:
Meeting ID: 816 6107 0026
Passcode: 626150
+16465588656 US (New York)